Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lustful Eyes At Rice

Yesterday, I was actually in the neighborhood on business.  So I took a quick trip over to the Casita plant in the suburbs of beautiful Rice, Texas to check out the Don Pods on the lot and in the showroom.
Don Pods In A Cage!!

There they were, all in a row, in a cage!   I didn't ask what these particular Don Pods did to be locked up in time-out like this.   Sometime when teaching 5-year olds, I could have used a cage like this for a couple of them.  It would have come in handy after lunch for several of the second-graders!

Yes, Don Pods were everywhere.  I turned around and there were a bunch of Don Pods all in a row.  I guess these Don Pods were ready to go home with their new owner.  Each one had a different owner's name on the window sticker.
More Don Pods Ready To Go
It is true, they all look alike to the naked eye of the unbeliever.  It's kinda like church had to see it to believe it.  But when you get one home, you can personalize it and make it your own "pod away from home."

Suddenly I looked straight ahead and saw all of these Don Pods staring me in the face. They look so warm and welcoming, don't they?  The Don Pod may call you any night, any day.  In your heart you'll hear it call you, "Come away...come away." (Yeah...right!)
Don Pods Lined Up and Ready To Go
And all these Don Pods are waiting for the owner to come take them to RV freedom, to the lake or to the mountains...or even to sunny Sarasota!!
Don Pod...Take Me Away!
Yes it was worth another short trip to Rice, Texas to examine the Don Pods at their birth place.  There is peace in the world again!!!

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