Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Be Normal?

(This memo was supposed to be the second post.  But I changed my mind and made it the third post.)

So here are some thoughts about being unique.  This elaborates just a bit on post number two.

When I want to do something, make a purchase or do something I consider an important life change, I start with plenty of research before taking action. Then when I make my decision, it is almost always the correct choice. This questioning behavior  really annoys some people who do not like to be bothered. I know other people who will make a move or purchase with little if any research, then grumble when it is the wrong decision. And we have to listen to their grumbling. All they had to do was ask a few questions before buying the wrong car or buying the wrong house or making the wrong move or getting the wrong satellite dish or whatever.
City traffic is stressful.  After several years on the ground in Dallas, I realized I missed the road, getting away from city life and seeing the countryside.  So as usual, I began doing research and discovered three interesting RV clubs. I quickly joined the Good Sam Club and Escapees to read and learn what I could learn. I "researched" for several years before buying my '86 Argosy and I have enjoyed it since 1997. It was the right decision. When I bought the Argosy, I also joined the WBCCI, the Airstream club. Since I was not able to travel on any WBCCI caravans at all and because their magazine was little more than a schedule of rallies, I let that membership go after just a few years.  Had I kept up my WBCCI membership, it would be approaching fourteen years.
Why Be Normal?
Ya see, not everyone is "normal." Not everyone does things the same way.  Not everyone lives the "husband, wife, two kids" lifestyle. Not everyone even lives the house-in-the-suburbs lifestyle, although I did own a house in the suburbs at one point. Not everyone is married. Not everyone is even part of a couple. Not everyone has a "regular" nine-to-five job. Not everyone goes to work on Monday, works five days and takes off on weekends for camping trips. Not everyone lives the same normal "lifestyle" that the vast majority of Americans live.Not everyone has a spouse who works. Not everyone works fifty weeks a year, then takes a two week vacation to the mountains or to the beach, then returns home to start the cycle again.

You Don't Even Go To Rallies! 
I haven't even had a chance to go to any RV rallys at all except for a Region Nine WBCCI rally before I bought my Argosy. I don't do weekend trips now because I ALWAYS work weekends, two or three jobs. Monday has been my "day off" for several decades. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my big workdays every week.

I am a musician, an entertainer, a teacher. I didn't choose it, it just happened that way. I have shared the stage with some of the greatest entertainers in America yet my family thinks I am going through a phase. It is difficult when people do not understand that some folks don't "fit" into life the way they do. My sweet Mom and Pop indulged all three of their sons, even when they did not completely understand.  But some of my family and friends think this RV lifestyle is a bit strange. 

Here's a thought for ya:  those who march to a different drummer are usually fairly content in their lifestyle, even if they live in an aluminum tube or a fiberglass egg.  Now where did I put that road map??

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  1. Why be normal indeed. If I suddenly became normal my family would then be wandering what's wrong now. Love your philosophy indeed. Keep it coming, I'm loving it.