Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Wally Byam Creed -- Silver Palace

The Wally Byam Creed
"In the heart of these words is an entire life's dream. To those of you who find in the promise of these words your promise, I bequeath this creed... my dream belongs to you."

-To place the great wide world at your doorstep for you who yearn to travel with all the comforts of home.
-To provide a more satisfying, meaningful way of travel that offers complete travel independence, wherever and whenever you choose to go or stay.

-To keep alive and make real an enduring promise of high adventure and faraway lands... of rediscovering old places and new interests.

-To open a whole world of new experiences... a new dimension in enjoyment where travel adventure and good fellowship are your constant companions.

-To encourage clubs and rallies that provide an endless source of friendships, travel fun and personal expressions.

-To lead caravans wherever the four winds blow... over twinkling boulevards, across trackless deserts... to the traveled and untraveled corners of the earth.

-To play some part in promoting international goodwill and understanding among the peoples of the world through person-to-person contact.

-To refine and perfect our product by continuous travel-testing over the highways and byways of the world.

-To strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you to follow a rainbow to its end... and thus make your travel dreams come true.
Wally Byam was a great inspiration to me.  I already had a deep love for travel and a love for the silver trailers.  When I began studying the Airstream I discovered Wally Byam and his story.  The more I read the more I liked what he was saying.  The time was in the early 1990s.  Although Wally had passed away in 1962, his words were very much alive to me.  He wanted people to take advantage of the freedoms we have as American citizens, to turn off the TV set and get out to see the USA and more.  

Please let me recommend a DVD for you.  Silver Palace:  An American Travel Adventure by Miles Fawcett.  Miles is an Englishman who had directed another documentary on classic American autos.   This 28-minute documentary focuses on the WBCCI international rally and the people, the Airstreamers involved.  I bought several copies of this video around 1995 and played it for anyone who would sit still for thirty minutes.  But I especially played it for my family, to let them know I was not alone in my desire to travel by trailer.

So to you I recommend you get a copy of Silver Palace:  An American Travel Adventure from  Then sit back and enjoy an evening visiting other folks who take joy in seeing what's at the end of the rainbow while traveling from sea to shining sea.  If you can't get away this week, this DVD will help keep that spark alive and give you an idea of what Wally Byam meant when he said:

To strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you to follow a rainbow to its end... 



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